Mining is over, Version 2 wallet released.

Hot Rocks News

We have a faucet!!  Easily the best coin distribution device ever made.  It has been loaded with 2 Million coins and you could add more by sending your coins to 5bepGffyPdRbmTbL6FLaLmM3iUjPSjU8Cw This faucet is run by one of our trusted friends CryptoBlox.

New Wallet released! Wallets Page has been updated. Wallets are an easy install, no App-Data manipulation required. As always, it is a great idea to backup the wallet.dat file before you start.

If you are a Cryptsy, we could use your support. It will cost you nothing. Please goto scroll to the bottom we are currently under 50 Votes. If you would spend your Cryptsy Points... THANK YOU!


Recent Community Conversations Give Away with Community Bonuses Easy Rules: 1000 CCX for each additional Wallet Download and New Wallet Address Bonus for Community Bounties: 100 CCX for Facebook Like https://www.facebook…401376063475964 100 CCX for follow on Twitter "#"cornerstonecoin 100 CCX for each Tweet (Limit 1 Tweet per day, 10 Tweets max) “@cornerstonecoin Awesome new PoS Coin. Help get it to two Satoshi…

Version 2 Wallet Released

We have a wallet upgrade called Version 2. You should get up to 10% more PoS mining.

Mobile Faucet

Mobile Faucet ready. Text CornerstoneCoin to 82257(Tacks)

Network Hash Rate at 220 MHs

CCX Network is currently at 220 MHs.  That’s considerably high amount of Hash to run this coin.  The coin will need far less hash to run after Block 34,560.  Each block will be rewarded with 15 Coins, not the usual 100,000 plus random.  Buy-em’ or Mine-em’  The initial mine is almost done with.